The School 

The School is open on Sunday from 5:00 am.

Sunday ticket priced at £17.00!

Please note this car parks access will be affected by the traffic restrictions installed by Silverstone Circuit.  Please see the Silverstone Circuit update for details of these restrictions.

Please read our directions to the School car park before purchasing which reflect this published advice.


Getting there:


Pedestrian access to the circuit from the School car park is easy and straightforward. On foot, its approximately 35 minutes from the car park to the main circuit pedestrian entrances and you'll be walking on mostly flat and paved surfaces. Obviously it's quicker on a scooter or bicycle! 

We've a set of comprehensive directions from the M1 or M40 that will help you get in and out of the carpark (see How to get to the School below) and our amazing volunteers will make sure there are ample Silverstone School Parking signs for you follow along the route.

Our car park volunteers will be able to offer you help and advice on departure routes, please ask them any questions you have after you've parked.