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Customer Feedback 2012

The Friends of Silverstone Schools would like to say THANK YOU.

The generosity and flexibility shown by everyone using our service this weekend has been really gratifying. Apologies if we had to rearrange your parking and many thanks for your understanding. We did get everyone parked and we got everyone back out again.

We hope you enjoyed the bacon rolls and the coffee, the weather turned pleasant and the racing was good.

The police imposed some restrictions on traffic through the village at exit time today which, as far as we know, was not announced to anyone in advance and I am sure will result in some complaints from the locals so we do hope that it will not be repeated in future. If you were not able to exit by your preferred route we do hope you made it home without too much delay.

The money raised this year will fund a complete set of laptops for one class to enable each pupil to have their own computer while at school.

Once again, thank you all, and we hope to see you again next year.

Friends of Silverstone Schools

Really good organisation this year.
Appreciated the new signage as well.
Thank you and team for your hard work.
Hope fund raising went well.
British victory next year?!

Hi  Just like to thank you for the excelent service today, well sign posted and very easy instrution. I will be using you again next year





Just got home from a great day at Silverstone, made even more enjoyable by the help and efficiency of all involved at Silverstone Schools parking from the email updates to the bacon butties.

Many thanks to all involved and hope to use you again next year.



Fantastic - many thanks again for a brilliant contribution to the enjoyment of our weekend. Please don't stop doing this!

As you say, the unexpected diversion as we were all leaving was a pain, but one of your nice residents told me a shortcut to get back to the road I wanted, and I was only delayed about half an hour.

I hope your children enjoy and learn from the laptops - it's really nice to know our payments go to such a good cause!


Mark F & friends


Just wanted to drop the organisers a quick email and say thanks for their efforts today. I parked my car in Paddock and despite it quickly turning into a bit of a quagmire I was very impressed with the organisation, and sheer effort put in by all those involved in helping folks to park and exit the site again. The added bonus of (delicious and well priced) bacon rolls and coffee being available first thing in the morning was very, very welcome. Every person we dealt with was professional, polite, helpful and friendly. If I come back to the F1 at Silverstone again, I've no doubt I'll use your facility again.
Kind regards,
Jim T


Many thanks for your E Mail I am very pleased that you made some sound money.

I must compliment all of your “HELPERS” who were so friendly and cheerful. Please please stress to all your regulars that the exit route will not be messed up in the future by the Police as many people did get caught up in dense traffic that would have been avoided if they had been advised of the” village loop” back towards their entry route as I was lucky enough to have been. I made it back to Northampton in thirty five minutes!!!

Kindest Regards

Good luck for the future

Dennis S


excellent organisation, we will be back next year

Mark S


We would like to thank you for all the time and organization which went into making parking with you so easy. The excellent directions made it stress free to find the infant school and the bacon rolls were really really nice! 

We hope the children enjoy the laptops. 

Paul and Nicky S 

Ps we loved the race track in the playground!


First time at the British GP and what a year to pick. Many thanks to all involved in the village. Without doubt you contributed enormously to our enjoyment of the experience and we found it to be a trouble free way to access the event. We chose to bin the sat nav and use maps to go via the back roads which was much easier than the 43. I hope you raise plenty of money and am delighted to see my parking fee go to such a worthwile cause.

David B


You did great, fantastic organisation and nice people
. Will come back!


Nicolas A


You guys did a great job, well done!!

Chris G


Thank you! You made our day easy!you are so organised. Thanks again





Many Thanks



Great Service

Mike W


Many thanks for the excellent organization over the weekend.  This was my first GP in 20 years and after the horror stories of Friday and Saturday, I considered not bothering – however the clear instructions, the road signs that you put out and the ease of access were brilliant.  Will certainly use your service in future and have recommended to some others that they use you.

It is also gratifying that the money spent has gone to such good use rather than into the coffers of a large corporate!


David S


Hi Guys

First time I have parked with you and what a great job done by all. Came in through the lanes from the west, encountered no traffic what so ever. The route home was longer having to go around to Buckingham before heading west but left you guys at 4.15 pm and was home 20 miles South West of Bath with a cuppa by 6.30. Fab!!!!! Se you next year.

Very Best regards

Chris E  


Just a quick note to you and the team to say thanks for the organisation of the car parks.  We were parked by 6 no problem at all and got away no problem at all at about 6 also.  Directions superb.  Glad the money goes to good use.  Will def book with you again.
Robert W



We would like to thank you for the excellent service that you provided to us on Sunday. This was the first time we had been to the Grand Prix.

The situation update e-mails on Friday and Saturday were important in providing the local view against the national media coverage.

We had studied your directions and even viewed  part of the route on Goggle Streeview but the signs all the way from the B4525 to the school provided reassurance.

Food and drink service in the morning and even a drink service on return in the afternoon.

We had no problems with traffic at exit time and reached Banbury less than 20 minutes after leaving the Infants School.

No queues anywhere on the way in and the longest "queue" on exit was the  five vehicles at the Wappenham/Silverstone crossroads.

Thank you very much.



Would just like to thank all of your volunteers for making getting in and out stress free over the weekend which I’m sure couldn’t be said of the official parking at the circuit. Definitely intend to use your parking again in the future.

Kind Regards

Christopher S


Hi and a big thank you to you all for coping with the dreadful conditions and so enabling us to park so conveniently over the three days. We much enjoyed our breakfasts on Sat and Sun and are glad that our 4x4 wasn't needed to help in The Paddock at the end.

The village one way system appeared to me to be a classic case of unrequired jobsworth activity. I'm sure your personal policeman could have been better employed elsewhere in the County that afternoon. Two left turns dealt with the problem but I suggest you monitor the situation during the year.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year subject to having access to Blakesley and beyond. Marvellous news regarding the purchase of laptops for the School! I do hope the pupils have an opportunity to visit the pits on the Thursday or Friday so they can see what all the fuss is about.

Best wishes

Godfrey L



Hi all,


Thank you for the excellent parking facility you provided.  The whole process from booking to leaving The Firs was excellently and professionally organised.  So nice to be able to help out a worthwhile cause in the process (not to mention enjoy a bacon roll!).


We'll be back again next year!




Andy S


Hi – we were disappointed that we could not turn left out of the Junior school  to get back out to Everdon  via Abthorpe Cross roads .The redirection put about 20 minutes on our journey which was frustrating  as we could see the road down to the centre of the village was clear and based on previous experience there was no need for the detour  . Will it help your cause to add our complaint to those of the locals  ? If so do you know who they are writing to ?

We had a great weekend  and it was a relief to know we were not stuck in the Silverstone mud !

June S



I just wanted to thank you for such a slick and well-run operation yesterday!

We found the whole experience of Silverstone schools parking completely straight forward and were appreciative of your constant email updates during the changing weather and the ease of booking, finding you and finding the circuit from the parking location.

As a governor of my local primary school (with a challenging intake of pupils and limited representation of parents on the governing body) I also think it's fantastic that proceeds from the parking are charitable and can be put towards provision such as laptops for the pupils.

Thanks once again for making our (first!) British GP experience a most enjoyable one.

No doubt we'll be back...

Kind regards

Charlotte and Chris


Thank you very much for providing such a pleasant professional service, we will certainly recommend you to our friends and will use your facilities again.

Cliff H


Thanks , for the SUPER service you gave ! could not have hoped for better ,The directions given both by email and the signs you posted were spot on ! Hope to see you next year .

good luck with your future schooling ! YOURS GRATEFULLY! 

Mr Bryan W and  FRIENDS

ps The children and helpers made us very welcome  with there SMILING faces and help . once again thanks !



i would just like to say i was very impressed with the parking and organisation on the day. maybe silverstone should employ you to sort out there parking mess next year:).

many thanks



Dear Silverstone Schools,

I just wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job with the parking over the weekend. We parked at The Firs on Friday and the infant school on Sat/Sunday. The directions were spot on and we were very impressed by all the signage coming in from Brackley. We also appreciated the email updates through the weekend. All of your volunteers were extremely cheerful and helpful, despite the weather.

We were so glad we had decided to park with you when we heard about the traffic chaos and the muddy car parks – we had no problems getting in and out on all three days, and this weekend was the easiest access we’ve had in 15 years of attending British GPs.

It’s also good to know that it all benefits the schools – I hope the children enjoy using their laptops.

Kind regards


Thank you to everyone and especially those at the Firs - we will definitely be using the facility again if we get back down to Silverstone.  Good luck for many more prosperous years.
Julia and Colin G

good morning silverstone just to say a big thank you the children who parked us , it was a pleasant change to see and hear very polite children you should be very proud i thought they where great if all kids where like this the world would be a better place , will use again, we had a great day it was our first time , so a big thank you from your friends brian and daughter charlotte s

That's fantastic news regarding the laptops!
We were so relieved we had come back to you again this year, your people are so helpful & friendly and we are so glad that the money is put to good use. We even indulged in a sausage bap this year!
The police did throw a spanner in the works to our journey home but it was so much better than last year, we got home in 3 hours instead of the 5 it took us last year.
Hope the schools have a good year.
Kind regards
Sally & Richard L


I just wanted to say a big Thank You to everyone that was involved with the car parking over the F1 weekend. I was glad I opted to bring my 4x4 Volvo to the Paddock! Everything was a breeze from the first email to departing on the Sunday.  I particularly liked the bacon rolls and the very clear signs. It's the first time I've been to the British Grand Prix and, if I am lucky enough to go again, then I will have no hesitation in using your car parking. Rest assured, I will be recommending you to all my RAF colleagues.

Thank you once again and it's great knowing that the school has benefitted.

Gary J

Sorry for the delay but massive thanks for your hospitality! Your directions were invaluable.
We will definitely be seeing you again next year!
Lots of love to the lovely dog from Firs also.