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All the money we raise is used by the village Infant and Junior Schools to improve their education and enjoyment of school life. Our organisation is made up entirely of volunteers, mainly parents of children at the schools.

Here are some highlights of where the money we have raised over the last few years has gone. 

In 2007 a large part of the fundraising went towards outdoor play areas which include a range of climbing and clambering equipment designed to maximise dexterity. The equipment was provided and installed thanks to a donation of £10,000 from the Friends of Silverstone Schools, who raised over £25,000 during the year for the schools through various activities within the community.

Julie Letts, Headteacher said, “The school has needed outside play equipment for a long time and its arrival is very much welcomed. A huge vote of thanks goes to the Friends for all their hard work in fundraising and to the community for their support of the Friends activities. The children have been very excited as the construction has been progressing and cannot wait to try it out!”


In 2008 PE equipment was one of the areas needing attention.

Large PE equipment has been fitted to the walls in the school hall and is complemented by the arrival of smaller floor equipment, mats and benches.

“The new equipment will make a tremendous difference to the children’s gym and PE lessons”, said Mrs Julie Letts, Head Teacher of Silverstone Schools Federation. “The old equipment was looking very tired and was in need of replacement. The Friends have worked very hard to provide this fantastic facility for the children - our grateful thanks go to them”.

Stuart Branch, Chairman of fundraising team, FOSS said “Our main target this year was to replace all the old gym equipment at the schools. It is the generosity of the local and wider community that has made this possible. We have received tremendous support for events such as Grand Prix parking, the Summer Ball and a host of others, both from the local and wider communities and are delighted to see the children benefitting from the fruits of our labour”.

In addition to the fundraising events and in keeping with the School’s green policies, the old equipment was sold to boost the fund. “We strongly believe in recycling wherever possible and are pleased to confirm that the old equipment now has a new home”, Stuart added.


Also in 2008 the Infant School gained a log cabin for helping with outdoor activities.


For 2009 the Friends have used monies raised through Grand Prix parking and other events to provide a wide and varied range of items for both the Infant and Junior Schools including:

  • Art and Craft Resources
  • Sportswear
  • Visiting Theatre Companies
  • Science Resources
  • Transport to Outside Events/ Trips
  • Keyboard
  • Forest School Resources

We have also committed to match fund the Junior School Hall extension planned for 2010. 

We thank you for your help and assistance in helping us make such a difference to the facilities and resources available to the children at the Schools and look forward to welcoming you to the British Grand Prix.