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Good evening. Not as such an enquiry but just a thankyou! I managed to find your website after sourcing a late ticket to the Grand prix but no parking. The ease of booking and the excellent directions made the day all the more enjoyable as for once no long cues getting out of a car park! Also good to know the proceeds are going to a good cause back into the school.
Kind regards
Scott B.


I'd just like to send you this e-mail to thank you. We have been to the British Grand Prix in the past but this year was the first time we have used "Friends of Silverstone" to park. The directions given were easy to follow and we arrived in good time and parking was well organised. Everything so far was going well (aprt from the weather - British summer) all we wanted now was a Lewis Hamilton victory which he duely delivered. Now having been to the British Grand Prix before all you want to be able to do after the event is to get home as soon as possible but you tend to feel that a fairly long que would have to be endured as some point. However when we got back to our car this was not the case, we drove staight out on to the street and through to the village to the bi-pass an we were on our way.

So a good day was had by all and the simple hassle free parking was a big factor. I hope it will be in place again next year as we have booked for the Grand Prix in 2009.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Dear All (at The Firs)

I would like to thank you all very much for making us so welcome at 'The Firs' on Friday and Saturday and for fitting us in again on Sunday. What a lovely welcome we received on all three days, plus the fact we knew our car was safe. We have never been to the Grand Pix before but we shall certainly try to come again, we loved every second of it. Our Son and Daughter in Law had saved up to get us the tickets, I was 60 this year and have a lot of trouble with my eyes having had one operation and will probably need another. it was a wonderful surprise as we had always wanted to come to the Grand Prix. The atmosphere in the village and at the circuit certainly added to the weekend and once again I thank you all for your kindness, help and wonderful welcome.

I hope you made lots for the school and wish you every success with any other fund raising you do for the school. Hopefully we shall see you again next year.

Kind regards to you all
Hazel and Michael H.


I'd just like to say thank you for your brilliant organised and friendly service yesterday, being able to drive directly to your car park, be shown where to park, enjoy a bacon roll and coffee on the way in and get out just as easily without seeing a queue all day was fantastic. Very kind of the owner of the Firs to allow it and good work on those running it, I hope you raised lots for the schools and would certainly use it again!

best regards

Just a quick thank you for the efficient parking you provided for the Grand Prix this weekend.  The instructions were clear and everyone was very helpful - the rolls were delightful. We received good instructions when we left and found the M40 very easily! with no traffic!! Thank you once again and good luck with your fundraising.
Linda A.

Dear Silverstone Schools
I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the parking facilities that we made use of on Sunday. The direction to the schools were excellent and very clear. We greatly appreciated the coffee and bacon roll on arrival and I hope that the schools will put all the money raised to good use. Many thanks to the on line organisers and the reminder service and of course to the parents who fed and watered us on arrival. We will definitely use the schools again next year.

Dear Lee
My partner and i have just booked tickets for next years Grand Prix and as we were so impressed with the parking at the local Post Office we would really like to park there again for next years event and we're wonder if we could book a space.  If you could let us know a.s.a.p we would be most grateful.
Jane S

Many thanks for a well organised arrangement.  Instructions were very clear once we realised what you meant by crossing over to the other side of the dual carriageway! Good luck with the fund raising and I hope the Grand Prix stays at Silverstone.


There are few of you left.
I will of course contact you re next year. After that you will be contacting me.
I live 3 miles from Donington.

With kind regards

Hi There
I would just like to say thankyou.My parents said that the parking was really organised and secure and that the directions were accurate and funny!.
I just thought you might like to know.We will certainly use you for parking again next year.
Kind Regards

just a note to say on my first ever visit to silverstone, and booking up your parking at the firs for saturday and sunday i was pleasantly supprised to find how well organised and helpfull all your volunteers were,what a wonderfull village you have and the locals all said hello and goodmorning which is something sadly missing in todays society in birmingham, congratulations to you all on a wonderfull day.



Could I just say a big thank you to those who organised all of this. Directions were spot on, and helpful (as long as people remembered to read them before they set off!). I hope to return next year

Thanks again