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British Grand Prix Parking 19-21 June 2009


Thanks to you we have had our most successful fund raising event ever. The Junior and Infants Schools of Silverstone really appreciate your help and look forward to putting the money to good use. Thank you for your patience, especially if you were caught in the occassional hold up at the entrance to the Junior School. The traffic is always busy one minute and then quiet the next. From the various teams of people at The Firs, The Schools, West End and The Chantry thank you very much. It was also a welcome surprise to hear Bernie say that there will be a British Grand Prix next year. If so, and if it turns out to be at Silverstone I hope that we will be able to simplify the website to make ordering and getting directions easier and maybe we will have even more choices of where to park.

Please have a look at the page links for some photos of you parked in the various areas.

I would also like to thank all the volunteers who gave up time during their weekend and at other times to make this event such a success. Thank you all.



Just a quick email to say how impressed i was with the organisation that had been done for parking at silverstone schools, i parked at 'The Chantry' and found it a 10minute walk to the west entrance of the silverstone track. Getting to the parking was really easy (making sure to understand directions) all staff at silverstone schools were all happy and a delight to talk and overall made my day!! Hopefully Formula 1 will be back there next year to keep the fund raising going!



Lee, an absolutely professional job all round, you have all worked incredibly hard and I am sure you don’t great enough thank. Many thanks from me to every single one of you.


I think you deliver an excellent service. Booking service, directions and helpful team, all excellent. We only found out about you last year (recommendation from Silverstone after their park was full) and we are delighted we did. Thank you to your volunteers and congratulations on raising a good amount for the schools.

Hi Lee,
Thanks for the thanks!  Really pleased to hear you raised so much money. Your service, directions, etc were spot on- much appreciated.
Lorraine & Roger


Dear Lee
Many thanks you and your team for organising such a fantastic service.  If anyone had told me I could drive to the British Grand Prix, park, walk to the circuit, with no problems, then return to our car and drive away with out getting stuck in traffic, I would have told them they were barking!!  But you made it happen.
Good luck for the future, I hope you made a small fortune, you deserve it.   I will recommend your services to all.
Kind regards


Thank you for your message Lee glad to hear you had such a good year.

I would like to say that the parking arrangements were superb, we had no problems at all getting in or out, in fact it was a pleasure, not something you can always say regarding event parking.

The bacon butties were brill and we hope that Bernie is right about next year, if so we will be in touch with you again dont worry.

Good luck with your future fund raising and we hope that the kids all enjoy the results of your excellent efforts.

Once again, thank you , you were outstanding



Hi Lee,

Thank you very much for arranging the refund for my parking booking which is much appreciated.

My wife is mad keen on F1 and we really thought this year we had been lucky to get some tickets so that she could see the race at F1's home track.  With all the maddness going on in F1 right now I can't help but feel that Silverstone will still rightly host a race next year.  

If we manage to get some tickets next time for Silverstone we will be sure to buy our parking from your Website!

Best regards

Phill and Carol


Hey, never mind thank me, thank you, arrangements were brilliant (and directions), traffic free exit to A43. Made a fantastic weekend perfect.

Thanks again, regards

Spoke to you briefly last week, thank you for your patient advice and directions.  As you probably know, the circuit will only give car parking space to two or more people buying tickets. Visiting on my own, I was stuck for parking.  So glad I found the Schools parking.  Everything was well organised, and everyone was very helpful. Thought it was good (and virtuous) value for money.
Dr. Martin


Great parking and access in and out of Silverstone. Will you be running similar scheme for the Bike GP?


Thanks Lee,

Most enjoyable - and very well organised (and GREAT bacon butties!)

John H


Thank you very much for the fast , efficient and easy to use pleasant service you provided over the weekend. I used the Firs parking on Saturday and will definately use this service again. I hope the schools benefit and good luck to all.
Thank you   
John P



Its really my friends and I who ought to be thanking you and also the helpfull lady at the Silverstone circuit who reccomended that I try your web site when we realised that we didn't have parking and we would need it!

The parking side of things was very smooth and efficient and we are glad to help the school make some money from being close to the track. I think its a great idea to rent out space for the school and so pleae to pay towrds a good cause rather than into the profits of the money men.

Well done we had a great day out ( first time for all of us) and I hope that you carry on with the scheme next year.


Graham D


Hi Lee,

Thank you for making everything so simple this year - it was much easier than my last trip to you as you had signs out this year, so all I needed to do was spot the McDonalds roundabout and it was a doddle from there.. (you may have had the signs out before, but I set out at "stupid o'clock" that time, so they might not have been put out then).

Hope to see you all next year!

All the best, John B


No - Thank you all there for your hard work - We thought your organisation was brilliant, our first trip to Silverstone and despite hearing of all the many queues, tailbacks etc, we didnt have any at all - how lucky was that.  Really pleased you can support your school and church in this way, a great thing to do - the breakfast rolls at the school were excellent too !! Although after doing so many I am sure it may be quite some time before those doing the cooking will want to see sausage and bacon again !!
Anyway, thank you all once again and lets hope you will be able to raise your funds in this way next year - if the Grand Prix does move up here to Donnington it will be a long time before other communities become as organised as yourselves - maybe you can raise funds by showing them how it us done - WELL DONE TO ALL CONCERNED
Jude and Michael


Once again wonderfully organised and a delightful day was had by all of us.  Thank you for the clear instructions and hopefully we can avail ourselves of your services next year.



Hi Lee and an enormous thankyou to you and all those who provided such an excellent facility with the benefit of helping the Children and Staff at the Schools. Everybody knows that Donnington can't cope with the traffic therefore people won't buy tickets therefore nobody will invest some or all of the £80m needed and the drivers don't want to race there anyway. Conclusion- Can we come in 2010?
Best wishes
Godfrey L



Thank you. We were very pleasantly surprised at how well organised your parking facilities were and in particular how pleasant and welcoming your staff and the people of Silverstone were to the visiting throngs. You could all of been off-hand and uncaring but instead everyone had a smile for everyone else and it was so refreshing to see. Well done to you all.




Personally, I think that you and everyone involved in arranging the parking this weekend deserve the thank you - I have never met a group of nicer, more genuine and appreciative people in my life and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you all for looking after the Aston this weekend.  From the minute we got to The Firs I knew that she was going to be in very safe hands - I didn't have one ounce of worry at all over the weekend and this is all down to you.

Please could you pass on my thanks and best wishes to everyone, especially the guys who are in training for their bike ride - if they have a sponsorship link please ask them to email it to me as I'd like to sponsor them.

Have a good rest this week and I hope the tidying up exercise wasn't too bad.

Maria X


Thank you and everyone at the schools for making the parking available and organising & running the whole effort.   The sausage and bacon my Son and I had on arrival were most welcome after an early start.  If the race is at Silverstone next year and we attend we will certainly be looking to park with you again.
With kind regards
David F


Hi Lee,
Many thanks to you and you volunteers, we had a great day at Silverstone. Our first time at Silverstone, but made it better to find a good car park with friendly staff and bacon rolls! 0Hope to see you next year.
Many thanks
Andy and family.


We are pleased to have participated in your scheme and know the money raised goes to such good use when its clear pricing for some things is just so extortionate  -  but thats business & F1 I guess!!
Good weekend from our point of view and thank you Rebecca for such a warm and helpful welcome to us as first timers.


Thank you so much for the safe and secure parking that you provided yesterday. We saved so much time and we didn't hit any ques! amazing!
lets hope the grand prix is at silverstone next year, and we will for sure use your car parking facilities again. Once again thank you to everyone who heped out yesterday. Regards Terrina.
ps: the food was yummy!

Thanks. What a brilliant service. Quick, easy, painless and all for a good cause. Pity about Button and Hamilton´s results.

If there is a next year, we´ll definitely be back



As 1st timers parking with you we were very happy, although we arrived at 1am and unable to gain access to our parking area,  we found the directions and signposting excellent and a overall was a very smooth and enjoyable experience.

My only suggestion after our experience would be that you could give some sort of guidance on opening times if Silverstone host another British GP.

Many, many thanks for helping to make our trip to Silverstone a very very pleasant one and taking the hassle out of parking!

Gary & Emma


Hi Lee

Just wanted to say thanks again for the use of the driveway. Apologies for not stopping to say goodbye yesterday but you know how it is "get away as fast a possible". As a result we had a very easy journey home. Lets hope there will be a GP at Silverstone next year if so we will see you then.

I also wanted to say i was really impressed with what you have achieved over the past 4 years. Its inspirational to us Dad's with children at school.

Thanks again, hope to see you next year



Lee, Lindsey and Paul

Great to hear of your successful weekend. The Sunday arrangements in terms of arrival, greeting and parking were faultless, thank you ! However, through no fault of any of you the delays to reaching the McDonald's roundabout (on the way home) were horrendous - it took from around 4.00 until after 6.00. Thereafter, the joining of the M1 North and the journey to north Leeds was a typical late Sunday traffic.

You may wish to consider a local return route to the A5 should it so happen that Silverstone is invaded another year!

Best regards, and many thanks,


HI To you ALL
We would like to thank you very much also for a first class service, with a lovely bunch of friendly people (The Firs, Little London)
Also lovely packed lunch
Thanks again
Julie & Mike R



Just wanted to say a huge thankyou to you and all the volunteers for the parking, the packed lunches and tea & biscuits!!.  The directions to 'the firs' were spot on making it so easy to find!  We had a fantastic day at our 1st British grand prix, would love it to be back at silverstone next year!! Hope to see you in 2010!!

Thanks again

Angela G



Having trawled the Internet I had a choice; pay F1  - £25 to park or pay Silverstone School.  Assuming you aren't in the same league as Bernie or Max I am guessing that my money has gone to a far worthier cause which is thoroughly deserved considering the contribution your team made to our day at Silverstone.  Getting in and out and finding you was absolutely painless and worth every penny.  We were all chuckling as we drove freely along the A43 in the 'backstage pass' lane whilst those that had parked in the chaos at the track had to wait in miles of queues.

Many thanks, looks like we'll be back next year

Ian T


Thank you - what a nice bunch of people!  Cheery smiles, good directions and excellent service.  Thanks again - see you next year, hopefully!
Veronica M


Lee and the Team
A big thank you and well done I know school funds are hard to get and a very good idea with good all round service so "Congratulations".  Many thanks for making our visit easy with minimum fuss.  All directions and maps were good and enjoyed the humour with some of the directions and advice.
Well done



Dear all involved with Schools Parking
It was the first time I had used the schools parking, and I hope the race is at Silverstone next year, just so I can use the service again.
Despite leaving it until Thursday evening to book, the whole process was flawless. Thank you so much for quickly and efficiently dealing with my worries and concerns. The directions to the site were brilliant and the site easy to find. The bacon butties were genius! and muchly appreciated so early in the morning.
Getting out of Silverstone on both saturday and sunday! was so simple I still don't believe it. Being home in Suffolk before I had even left the circuit carpark last year.
The whole experience was excellent, and many many thanks to all those that worked hard to make it so.



I just wanted to say a huge thank you too to everyone involved in the parking.  We got our tickets very last minute and couldn't get circuit parking.  However I'm really pleased we didn't because the Schools Charity Parking was fantastic.  We parked at The Schools Paddock and although we got a little lost in the village due to my dodgy map reading skills we were able to get to and from the circuit with great ease. Everyone was really friendly, worked exceptionally hard and the bacon butties and cups of tea were just what we needed when we arrived a little bleary eyed from the early starts!!!  Should Silverstone host the F1 again I would most definitely use your parking and recommend it to anyone else heading to the event. Thank you again for a great start to our days at the F1 and really hope you raised a lot of money.
Kind regards.
Denise M


Thanks for getting it all set up and running smoothly, arrived parked , got a bacon roll , and was away, again thanks



thank you very much Lee for parking at the Chantry
This was brillaint location, 12 minute walk
first class maps and instructions
and excellent funds raised for the schools
Thank YOU too very much :-)
We had a great time and an early escape thoguh we did get held up about 3 miles down the road byt brill weekend
VERY TIRED TODAY as expected but was worth it :-)
Lynne, Rob & Craig B


Hi Lee,
Just a Thankyou to all of you guys for setting up a great parking system on race day. As with last year i actually had a 3 day permit for the circuit but know how much of an inconvienence it is getting in and out due to the weight of traffic so i opted to park with you guys again, and very glad i did. At the same time obviously the money is going to a good cause...i think Bernie has enough in his account!!! Good luck on spending the money on the school and i hope to be with you again next year depending what Bernie does with his circus!
Best regards and thanks again.
Scott B


We should really thank you at Silverstone as well.  Because I come to the GP on my own it´s hard to get any parking.  When I found out the park and ride was fully booked I thought I wouldn´t be able to get to the Grand Prix but luckily on phoning up Silverstone someone told me about the Schools parking. Until this year I didn´t know anything about being able to park in the village. It´s really enterprising of the Schools and such a great way of fund raising.  You are really helping us and then we can help you raise funds for your schools ¬ brilliant!   I parked at The Chantry and it was superb and everyone was so friendly and helpful!  So close to the circuit, so easy to get in and out ¬ no queues!!!!  Won´t ever bother with the park and ride again and the awful journey to and from Hinton! Hopefully the GP will be at Silverstone again next year and, if so, I will definitely be using your parking service.  Hope you can do the parking for the Moto GP next year as well!

Hi Lee,

Just wanted to say a big thank you.  The service you put on was first rate again!  I will defiantly come back for more next year (I'm sure the GP will still be with you in 2010 at the very least).

Best wishes,



Thanks for the opportunity. A most convenient and efficient parking solution and,  as a recently retired teacher,  I was glad to be able to make a contribution to your funds rather than further line Bernie's pocket. If there is a Grand Prix at Silverstone next year then I will be pleased to use your service again.
David H.



I'd like to thank you too for helping us (my son and I ) have a really enjoyable weekend, your organisation and food were superb, Once again thanks,

If Donnington dont make it for 2010 we'll be back to see you again!
Best Regards
Robert M